Brassware is a term used to describe taps and showers since they are made from brass and plated for protection.

Taps are wall, deck or floor mounted.

Deck mounted or pillar mounted taps are used on sinks, basins, bidets and baths with a two hole installation. They have half inch inlets for basins, sinks, and bidets. Bath taps have three quarter inlets.

Monobloc taps are designed for a single hole in a basin or bath. They have two controls for hot and cold or one lever. Dual flow mixers do not mix the water in the tap body and the water is mixed in the actual basin. They usually have copper tails or flexible connectors.

Bath Mixers and Fillers cab be dual flow and have a shower handset.

Three Hole Mixers are mounted on three holes into the wall or deck. The middle hole is used for the spout.

Four Hole Mixers have four holes for mounting, and they have a spout and a handset.

Wall Mounted are mounted onto the wall.

Bib Taps are like pillar taps but wall mounted or sometimes onto the wall of a bath.

Auto Shut Off valves also are called non-concussive taps are automatically stopped after a set time period. They are used in public places.

Infra red mixers work on a presence to trigger an on-off action.

Water Pressure regulations require that a half inch basin pillar tap delivers 7.5 litres in one minute at 0.1 bar. Water pressure is a big consideration when buying taps.