Baths are made from cast acrylic, porcelain enamel steel, enamelled cast iron, stone, stone resin

Acrylic baths are lightweight, handwearing and the cheapest kind of bath. They are made from a single sheet and reinforced with Glass Reinforced Plastic.

A Steel bath made from a sheet of steel and pressed into shape. If the bath is large or with curves, a thicker grade of steel is needed which raises the price.

Cast Iron Baths are cast from iron and they are very heavy.

Baths are standard rectangular, corner baths, or offsett corner.

Double Ended baths are rectangular an designed for two people with the taps in the middle of the bath as is the waste.

Shower Baths have a bath screen and allow showering to take place.

Tapered baths are designed for small bathrooms, so one end is very narrow.

Freestanding bathrooms are not fitted against a wall. Roll top baths are considered very traditional.

Baths can be fitted with whirpool systems which inject water and air into the bath. This is done via microjets.